No experience is necessary. We offer free training and have the best support for our teachers. If you do have teaching experience, we can increase your starting pay rate.

We offer a comprehensive orientation and training to prepare our teachers for the classroom. The trainings will run for 3 to 10 days depending on the size of the group. During the training, we offer a free stay in a hotel in downtown Taipei. After completing the first year training program, you will receive a free TEFL certificate.

We offer a free hotel stay during the orientation. The hotel is in central Taipei and is only a short walk to our headquarters.

Yes. Since we have so many schools, we are able to place people that want to live together. Sometimes it does require a little flexibility, but we can work with you and your partner to find schools. We have even found positions for a group of 5 friends who wanted to live together!

It is possible, but it is expensive and not an easy process. Generally, we suggest that you do not bring your pet. This helps them avoid being quarantined for a long period of time. There are animal shelters in Taiwan and many teachers adopt a pet while they are here.

We only offer 12-month contracts.

You need either a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree AND a TEFL (or equivalent) certificate.

HESS hires year-round. During your interview, you will have an opportunity to discuss what your desired arrival date is.

Yes, HESS will provide you with the training and support you need in order to develop into a great teacher. We also provide your lesson plans that will give you step by instructions for every class you teach.

No, we are not a recruiter. There are no fees, and we only hire people to work in our schools. We provide you with a free hotel stay, free TEFL training, and breakfast and lunch during the training.

The orientation does require a good level of energy to get the most out of it. You should make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand. You may want to consider arriving a day or two early to get over jetlag. Other than that, the best advice we can offer is to dive right in and participate as much as you can. The more you participate, the better prepared you’ll be for the classroom.

All of our contracts are for 12 months. They can be renewed. We have over 100 foreign teachers who have been working with HESS for more than 7 years.

Our contracts guarantee a minimum of 20 teaching hours per week. Most teachers teach between 22 and 26 hours a week. There are more teaching hours available for most teachers. On top of teaching, you should expect to put in some time preparing your lessons. Since we provide you with fully developed lesson plans, most classes can be prepared in 20 to 30 minutes. Admin after class, like grading homework, will usually take another 20 to 30 minutes. HESS offers a monthly stipend to help compensate our teachers for work outside of the classroom.

There are no classes on Sunday, and while we do offer classes on Saturdays, it is not a popular day for our students. At the time of writing, about 15% of our teachers teach on Saturdays. But if they do, the classes are usually in the morning.

Our students range in age from 3 to 16 years old.

Class lengths vary slightly depending on the level. Most classes are 2 hours in length.

Our classes average around 15 students per class. If you ever teach a class with more than 20 students, you will be given a higher hourly pay for every student over 20.

For most of your classes, you will have a Taiwanese teaching assistant in the class with you. When you teach, you are the lead teacher, the TA only acts in a supporting role.

Being the largest private education organization in Taiwan, we have lots of opportunities for taking part in special projects for career development. Here’s to name a few: English education camps throughout Taiwan and Singapore; management positions at our schools; special project work like designing a specialized curricula at your school; part-time and full time work in our cooperate office. Generally, these opportunities are available to staff who have been with us for more than one year.

In a normal year, there are about 12 national holidays. In the first year our teachers get 14 floating vacation days. This means that the days are not set, you can decide when you take your holidays. In your second year and beyond, you receive an additional 30 days of leave.

After you buy your ticket to get to Taipei, you should budget to arrive with access to USD2,000. The main reason for the amount being this high is that our teachers are paid on the 7thof the month. That means when you include the orientation, it could be as long as 7 weeks until you receive your first paycheck. HESS does provide an interest free loan, but that loan is usually used for a housing deposit.

In your interview and when you are hired, you will be asked to give us the cities you would like to be placed in and we will not place you outside of the cities you indicated. On the 2ndday of the orientation we will give you the exact address of your school and that evening your manager will call you to talk about your schedule.

On the second day of the orientation, your manager will call you at the hotel. They will discuss what your housing needs are, and while you are completing the orientation, your manager will organize a few apartments that match what you discussed. They will then take you to look at the apartments to give you an opportunity to speak with the landlord.
Getting work permits and visas is something that we will take care of. Our documents staff are experienced and professional and will make sure you have all your visas to work legally in Taiwan. If you are coming with a legally married spouse, HESS can help get a visa for them too.
All HESS teachers are covered by Taiwan’s national health care system. Coverage begins about 2 to 3 weeks after you arrive, so we recommend that you get a simple travel insurance for the first month.
Fear not. Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world. There is very little crime, and there are no parts of Taiwan where it is dangerous to walk alone at night.
Taiwan is known as one of the most liberal countries in Asia. It boasts the largest annual Pride Parade in Asia. While Asia in general is less liberal than many Western countries, we are proud that Taiwan is the only country in Asia that has legalized same sex marriage.
Learning Chinese does make the transition easier, but the local Taiwanese (including the staff at the school you’d be working at) are very accommodating. It’s easy to find help if you need to do things that require a bit more advanced language skills. Also, HESS has a partnership with National Taiwan Normal University. All our staff are eligible to take the language classes at a discounted rate.
You will be making more than enough money to be able to save. The cost of living is quite low here. This allows your income to go much further than it would back home. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that your lifestyle will be the deciding factor that influences how much you save. Generally, most of our teachers can live comfortably and save money to pay off of student loans, travel or save for the future.
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