Why Teachers Stay

Why Teachers Stay

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Ask a HESS Teacher: Why?

We have teachers from all walks of life, and they come to Taiwan for many reasons. HESS can help improve your teaching skills, interpersonal communication, professional development, and personal growth. For whatever reason that's pulling you abroad, leave it to HESS to help you find your way. Instead of us giving you a list of reasons about why you should stay, check out these videos and hear it directly from some of our teachers.

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  • Ask Chad: Why?


    info_icon_from Dallas, Texas, USA


    info_icon_hart Looking for a life-changing experience

    info_icon_location Worked in Taipei City

    Chad is from Texas, in the good old U.S. of A. He went through the HESS Initial Teacher Training in August 2011 and has since been living and teaching in the Greater Taipei area of northern Taiwan.

    In mid-2011, Chad found himself in a position that most of us have been in at one time or another. Chad was not happy with the job that he had in the U.S. and was longing for the opportunity to travel. Chad recalls the day that he made the decision to take a leap and leave his mundane job back home, jump on an airplane, and begin his adventure in Taiwan.

  • Ask Mike: Why?


    info_icon_from Melbourne, Australia


    info_icon_hart Searching for a new challenge

    info_icon_location Worked in New Taipei City

    Mike is originally from Melbourne, Australia. He has been very successful here. Like almost all of our senior staff members, Mike started as an NST (Native-speaking Teacher) and has, through hard work and dedication, developed professionally to fill several other roles, including HNST (Head Native-speaking Teacher) and ARC (Area Recruitment Manager).

    Perhaps out of humility, Mike did not mention that he was heavily involved in the interior design of the flagship HESS branch that he now teaches at. Mike is an excellent example of how NSTs can grow within HESS, developing their skills as well as their resumes. Mike recently tied the knot with his Taiwanese partner and now lives with him in the Greater Taipei area.

    Mike speaks about how he remembers trying to decide whether to travel and teach in Korea, Japan, or Taiwan. After weighing the pros and cons of each country, he ultimately decided on Taiwan for its open and ground-breakingly liberal society as well as the relaxed teaching environment compared with other Asian countries.

  • Ask Darren & Kate: Why?


    info_icon_from Newport, Wales & Seattle, Washington, USA

    flag_UK flag_USA

    info_icon_hart Different backgrounds, same dream

    info_icon_location Worked in Taipei City

    Darren and Kate came to Taiwan separately to have their own adventures abroad. They crossed paths during our Initial Teacher Training and became fast friends throughout their first year. Darren was placed on the East Coast, and Kate was in Taipei. Since they already knew each other from training, though, they were able to stay in touch throughout their time in Taiwan. Follow their story as they teach and travel around Taiwan and Asia. They came seeking adventure and wound up finding love. **UPDATE** We're happy to announce that Darren and Kate are now engaged to be married.

  • Ask Chloe: Why?


    info_icon_from Yorkshire, England


    info_icon_hart Keen interest in learning Mandarin

    info_icon_location Worked in Keelung City

    Chloe is from Yorkshire, England. She had a keen interest in learning Mandarin and therefore decided that Taiwan was a great option for her to immerse herself in the language. Chloe speaks about her decision to come to Taiwan with the desire to learn Mandarin as well as experience the warm-natured Taiwanese people that she had heard about from a friend.

    She has been living and working in Keelung, which is north of Taipei City. Keelung is well-known for its many festivals and traditional celebrations. Keelung boasts bustling night markets filled to the brim with seafood, ancient temples, and pagodas. The best month to check out Keelung is during Ghost Month, when numerous customs and celebrations take place. Keelung is also near several of Taiwan’s northern beaches.

    **UPDATE** We’re excited to welcome Chloe on board at the HESS Korea branch! She’s one of several NSTs who started in Taiwan and moved on to teach at our overseas schools in China, Korea, or Singapore. We’ve even connected outbound teachers to our sister schools in Japan!

  • Ask Ste: Why?


    info_icon_from Stevenage, England


    info_icon_hart Teaching Abroad

    info_icon_location Taipei City and Beijing

    For some, living and working abroad isn't just a gap year - it's a way of life! Follow Stephen Collier as he walks you through the experiences that led up to him teaching with HESS and the reasons he continues to stay in Taiwan. As Stephen can attest, teaching English isn't just a way to make ends meet, it’s a way to shape your future.