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Faffa is from South Africa and has been with HESS for more than eight years. He currently lives in the SanXia District of New Taipei City and is happily married. Faffa came to Taiwan to save up some money and return home after a few years with a sizeable nest egg to get his adult life started back in South Africa. In the process, he met his wife, Freya, and decided to stick around for a bit longer. Before he knew it, he was happily married, managing several HESS branches, and assisting with HESS Main Office trainings and camps. As a HESS teacher, there are always opportunities available to you, and should you want stay for the long term, we have the opportunities and challenges to keep you interested and motivated.


At HESS, we know that career development is important for everyone. Some people may be hesitant to travel as they feel they might lose valuable time building a career back in their home countries.

HESS not only offers positions as Native English-speaking Teachers, but there are other opportunities to pursue. After your first year of teaching and getting settled in with HESS, positions become available in various other departments of the company. It is important to note that these opportunities become available to outstanding teachers after the completion of their first year of teaching with HESS.

  • Native Speaking Teacher (NST)
    Native Speaking Teacher (NST)

    Teaching overseas is an enriching experience that will make you stronger, wiser, and more diverse as a person and as a professional. At the end of the day, job satisfaction comes from being good at what you do; HESS provides the best training, environment, and materials, empowering you to excel at teaching. The HESS contract is a good choice for those wishing to study Chinese or just leave themselves more free time during their experience in Taiwan. For those who wish to save more money or pay off student loans, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up extra classes, which will be paid at the teacher’s hourly pay rate.

  • Head Native Speaking Teacher (HNST)
    Head Native Speaking Teacher (HNST)

    A Head NST is the direct manager of the English-speaking staff for a particular school. HNSTs are responsible for branch training and development, observations, raise appraisals, class scheduling, as well as facilitating communication between the Taiwanese staff and foreign staff.

  • Applications and Interviews Consultant
    Applications and Interviews Consultant

    As the first point of contact for applicants to HESS, the Applications and Interviews Consultant (AIC) plays an active role in recruiting NSTs. The AIC is responsible for processing new employment applications, communicating with applicants, conducting interviews, and assisting with the overall hiring process of NSTs. Once an applicant has been hired, document preparation assistance is also given.

  • Guest Trainer
    Guest Trainer

    To get the invitation to be a Guest Trainer is quite an honor. This shows that the Training and Development Center (TDC) has taken notice of your outstanding teaching abilities and would like you to share your wisdom with new teachers attending our initial trainings as well as our follow-up trainings, which are held for first-year teachers. This is usually a gateway opportunity, opening up doors for overseas excursions and trainings.

  • Full-Time Trainer
    Full-Time Trainer

    Trainers are meant to impart their practical teaching experience that has been developed over years of teaching as well as the fundamentals of ESL teaching. HESS’ full-time Trainers not only share their knowledge with current and future HESS teachers, but also conduct external trainings throughout Taiwan and Mainland China in order to showcase HESS’ teaching methods to public school teachers and develop working relationships abroad.

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    Curriculum Writer

    HESS publishes its own curricula, and we maintain a staff of foreign and local curriculum developers who work full time on various projects, be it improving what we already have or writing brand-new materials from scratch. Either way, it’s a great way to put your excellent writing skills to good use. There are also opportunities for voice actors and singers in the publication process. The English Educational Research Department is always looking for new ideas and skills to improve the department as a whole.

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