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Be more than a teacher

Brittany and Patrick came to Taiwan in 2013. They are from New York state and were looking for to gain teaching experience abroad and, in the process, shape the lives of young Taiwanese children. They currently work in Keelung in Taiwan, which is located on the northeast coast. Much of their free time is spent traveling and volunteering with various HESS Foundation events and aboriginal groups around Taiwan. If you're looking to get involved in the local community and teach young children, HESS can help you meet those goals. Our company was built on the foundation of giving, and we are proud to host and sponsor charity events around Taiwan.

Make a difference with HESS

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    HESS Language School programs are geared toward students as young as 4 and as old as 15. At HESS, we realize that all students have different learning styles. Some students learn by using their eyes; others need to hear something to understand it. In order to accommodate all the different learning styles, we present language as visual and aural, as well as by providing kinesthetic cues.

    It is important to stimulate all of these senses so that students are looking, listening, and moving. The objective of our teaching method is to meet the learning needs of all students by teaching to the sense with which they learn best. The secondary objectives include enhancing students’ memory access and retention by giving them multiple ways to remember information. To motivate maximum participation from our students, we ensure our lessons’ activities are hands-on and engaging.

  • Make-a-difference-with-Hess

    Our aim is to introduce English in much the same manner as a child's first language is discovered. Through a wide range of stimulating activities and situations, learners acquire English naturally. It is our philosophy to nurture happy, well-rounded, curious, and confident children. We give children the confidence they need to cultivate positive social skills and self-esteem. The children will become confident English speakers and have fun at the same time.

    Since a child's window of language acquisition is wide open during the preschool years, HESS preschool classes serve as a foundation for later learning. We strive to create fun, stimulating environments that allow students to learn at their own pace.

    HESS Foundation is aimed at providing better educational opportunities for Taiwan's underprivileged children.

  • In 1998, HESS Educational Foundation was established in loving memory of the mother of HESS president and co-founder, Joseph Chu. Mrs. Chu’s life was riddled with hardship. Despite experiencing extreme poverty and receiving only a third-grade public school education, Mrs. Chu was determined to provide better educational opportunities for her family. And so, the foundation was established as a dedication to her strength and determination.

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