YiLan/LouDong Area

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YiLan/LouDong Area

These smaller quiet cities dot the East Coast of Taiwan and are very close to each other. They both offer a relaxing pace of life where foreigners and Western amenities are few. Thus, they are the perfect places for those who want to experience real Taiwanese culture and language.

YiLan and LuoDong are located close to DaXi beach, which is known for its warm water and waves, and where water sports such as surfing and boogie-boarding have become increasingly popular among foreigners and Taiwanese alike. The area is also home to several famous hot springs for some soothing relaxation.

Though small by comparison to Keelung and Taipei, YiLan and LuoDong are still much more densely populated than their counterparts in Western countries. With over 500,000 people between the two cities, there are many opportunities to meet friendly locals.


As there is not much public transportation, most teachers get around using a scooter or bicycle. The city is within easy reach of both the mountains and sea (about an hour’s bicycle ride to either).

LuoDong is famous for its sports park, one of the largest city parks in the nation. It includes a full-size athletics track and rugby/football pitch, cycling tracks, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a mid-size baseball stadium.

Both accommodation and food in the Yilan and LuoDong area are fairly cheap. The people and lifestyle of the area are its strengths, and YiLan and LuoDong have become sought-after destinations for our teachers.