New Taipei/Taipei Area

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New Taipei/Taipei Area

Located in the north of Taiwan, Taipei is a major city with more than 6 million, the city is bustling with action 24 hours a day. Summers are hot and humid and winters are cool and wet. Famous for hip cafes, and a great nightlife, Taipei is the place to be if you are looking to live in a big city.

This is the political and economic capital of Taiwan. By far the biggest and most international city in Taiwan, Taipei has it all. From bustling night markets, modern shopping districts, restaurants and bars a plenty, beautiful mountains, hot springs and access to the beaches in Northern Taiwan, Taipei is often ranked as one of the best places in Asia to live.

From the historic Longshan temple to the ultra-modern Taipei 101, it is known as a friendly modern city with great amenities. Most people live in New Taipei City, but with the incredibly efficient metro system, it is easy to get anywhere in Taipei.


Chinese herbal medicine stores offer cures for any ailment in the form of mixed-up powders ground from animal and/or plant parts. The numerous temples spotted in small alleyways and main streets provide comfort to devotees who pray and offer incense to their gods. These days the temples are usually a blend of different beliefs - Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and folk tradition. Some beliefs even share the same Gods.

When it comes to Greater Taipei, don't be fooled by the name: this is no ordinary county. Taipei County (or New Taipei City) refers to the areas surrounding Taipei. Basically, these are Taipei's suburbs. Most of the Greater Taipei area’s population—about 3.9 million people--lives in New Taipei City. Among the best perks of the 'burbs are the cheaper costs of living. The recently improved transit system has made it a housing hot spot for commuters. The convenience of living in the Greater Taipei area is the large amount of schools (both Young Learners and HLS) and the moderate cost of living make Taipei County one of the most popular destinations for our foreign teachers.

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