Tainan Area

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Tainan Area

The former capital of Taiwan, Tainan is a city loaded in history and culture. Tainan is known for its old temples representing traditional Chinese culture. Some date back as far as three centuries ago. Scattered throughout the city are reminders of the past: gates, arches, forts, and temples from when the Dutch occupied Taiwan.

Tainan is also known for its culinary traditions. Tainan’s famous "coffin bread" derived its morbid name from the appearance and content of the bread. Each loaf is not only shaped like a coffin, but is filled with meat for full effect. Another specialty is Tan Tzu noodles, which is what the poor fisherman used to live on. These round, yellow noodles with meatballs are served in unique stalls, furnished with small bamboo stools and tables with overhanging lanterns that capture the traditional style of the past.


Located in the south, Tainan (pop. 1.9 million) is north of Kaohsiung, and is easily accessible to anywhere on the west coast by high speed train. With a tropical weather, Tainan has hot summers and warm winters. It also has a good foreign community with many long term expats choosing Tainan as their home. Tainan has a much slower pace than the bigger cities in Taiwan and offers a very affordable cost of living.