Taichung Area

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Taichung Area

Not too big, not too small, Taichung is often cited as one of the best places to live in Taiwan. It is Taiwan’s 3rd largest city and has all one would want in a city, lots of entertainment, shopping, cozy cafes and some of the friendliest people in Taiwan. At the same time, Taichung has managed to keep that easy going mentality of a city that is much smaller. Located right in the middle of the west coast, Taichung is also perfectly located to get to the north or south in less than an hour on the high speed train.

Taichung was once a small village established by Chinese settlers in the 17th Century. It has now become an international community with all the amenities of a big city. It has its own international harbor and is centrally located along the North-South Freeway. Cultural centers include the Taiwan Museum of Art, holding 24 galleries, the National Museum of Natural Science, and others.

With a population of 2.6 million, Taichung has a big city feel to it. It provides a centralized hopping-off point for travelers to conveniently visit other major tourist sites and the surrounding mountains. Be sure to check out Nantou, Sun Moon Lake, and MiaoLi County, which are all nearby.


Relatively dry compared with northern Taiwan, the Central mountain Range protect Taichung from most of the rain and typhoons that affect the rest of the island. Taichung is also famous for its night markets, lively beer houses and Chinese-style parks complete with pavilions and lakes. Because Taichung is much more spread out than either Taipei or Kaohsiung there, is a more mellow approach to living. The cost of housing in Taichung is also much lower than that of Taipei. Most teachers in Taichung prefer to ride scooters as there is no metro system in Taichung.