NanTou/YuanLin Area

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NanTou/YuanLin Area

Nantou County is situated in the center of Taiwan, with a population of about 540,000. It is bordered by Taichung County, Changhua County, Yunlin County, Chiayi County, Kaohsiung County, and Hualien County. It is the only county in Taiwan that is landlocked.

Nantou is very mountainous and is abundant in tourist activities. It is home to Taiwan's highest peak, Yushan (Mt. Jade), and 41 other mountains that top 3,000 meters in height. Taiwan's longest river, the Zhuoshui River, winds through the county, and the island's most beautiful lake can also be found here. The annual Sun Moon Lake swim attracts thousands of participants each year.

Resource-rich Puli has the best water quality in Taiwan and produces the delectable Ai Lan White Wine. The area is full of interesting places to visit and one will never be bored if they enjoy nature.


This are is a great place for teachers who want to enjoy a low cost of living and have a cultural experience in one of Taiwan’s most interesting areas. There is only one HESS school and the teachers teach mostly primary school-aged students or older.