Keelung Area

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Keelung Area

Keelung is a city steeped in tradition and is well-known for its many festivals and cultural celebrations. It maintains its Taiwanese charm with bustling night markets filled to the brim with seafood, ancient temples and pagodas. On top of the hill is the famous 22.5-meter (74-foot) Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Buddhist Statue, which overlooks the city and harbor.

ErShaWan Fort still remains at the top of the hill overlooking the harbor. The best month to check out Keelung is during Ghost Month, when numerous customs and celebrations take place.

To the east of Keelung, unique landscapes and magnificent seashores can be seen as part of the northeast Coast National Scenic Area. Yehliu, west of Keelung has natural rock formations including ones shaped as eggs, a slipper and even a profile similar to that of the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti.


Located on the north east of Taiwan, Keelung is Taiwan’s 2nd biggest port and it is common to see some incredible cruise ships docked as it is a major stop for most of the world’s largest ocean liners filled with tourists from all over the world. Keelung is also near several of Taiwan’s northern beaches.

Many of our teachers enjoy the greater sense of immersion in Taiwanese culture they experience in Keelung while retaining the benefits of its close proximity to the more cosmopolitan Taipei. As Keelung itself is a smaller to mid-sized city (pop. 375,000) it has a much lower cost of living than Taiwan’s bigger cities. There are both Young Learners and HLS (cram school) classes available in this area, so you can make time for sightseeing in the area, either getting out to explore the coast, or taking the short ride into Taipei.