HsinChu/ZhuBei Area

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HsinChu/ZhuBei Area

HsinChu/ZhuBei is a special place. While it is a mid-sized city, it is much more international than many other cities of Taiwan. Known as the Windy City, HsinChu/ZhuBei has a slower pace, but still has all the amenities one would want. With a population of over six hundred thousand, there is plenty to do in the area.

Nestled between Taichung and TaoYuan, HsinChu/ZhuBei has nicer weather than the north, and is famous for its constant breeze that makes it an ideal spot for wind sports like kite surfing. Being on the High Speed Rail makes getting around on the island a fast trip.


There are great housing options here at better prices than you will find in the bigger cities. It also has an intimate community of both foreigners and local residents, making it a great alternative for people looking for many of the options found in a bigger city, but don’t want to be in the big cities. Many of the teachers take advantage of the beautiful nature that is found just outside of HsinChu/ZhuBei. With the right cost of living and a good quality of life, many people find HsinChu to be that perfect mix.