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As the birthpace of K Pop and 250 kinds of kimchi, Seoul is a vibrant and exciting city that prides itself on modernity, connectivity, and fascinating traditions. It is the economic , cultural and political epicenter of South Korea with a history spanning 2000 years. With a municipal population of close to 12 million people, it is an extrodinary example of a well organized, clean and convenient global city. It is rated as one of Asia’s most livable cities.

Seoul is remarkably safe given its size. The population density is high and you may not be used to having your personal space crouched upon. Packed buses and subway system may make your excursions more challenging, but pick pockets and theft is uncommon. Travelling alone or at night is safe, and often the locals will be forthcoming in helping you find your way.

Korean culture is heavy on protocal, as its very language has traditional values of social status and and respect built directly into it. It also places great importance on education, to the point where its education system is deemed as one of the most demanding in Asia.However, Seoul is also a mecca for shopping, food, trend setting youth culture and technology. What may come off as a sometimes high pressure society, it also offers extrodinary amount of leisure activities. Endless street food vendors, vast nightlife districts, serene Buddhist temples, a mix of mordern and historic architechure, Seoul society is filled with stark contrasts.


On any given street, you will see some familiar comforts. To be sure, you will find just as many coffee shops as you will find convenience stores. Mordern clinics and health servicies are navigated easily, due to their National Insurance plan. The public transportation system is relieble and world class. There are 18 subway metro lines, express bullet train routes to other partsof South Korea, taxis, and buses with English names, route maps and multi-language annoucements.

Seoul city is divided into 25 districts, each with an area and popuation comparable to a small city. Our Hess Young Learners and HLS school is located in the Southern suburbs of Seoul (Gwangmyeong). The city is built around the Han river, with mountians, hills, and coastal plains surrounding the city. Combined with 20 national parks, Seoul offers the outdoor type plenty of sights. Seoul has been a prime destination for foriegners and teaching positions for many years due to its manageable living costs, opportunities and extensive expat community.