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HESS International English Institute was opened on September 3rd, 2012 with much fanfare. This marked the arrival of HESS in Mainland China. The design and layout of the school are modern, warm and elegant. These elements, in addition to our energetic staff, help to create a friendly atmosphere in which students can learn and teachers can work happily.

Wuxi is a vibrant and bustling city not far from Shanghai or Nanjing that has a lot of amenities and experiences to offer. The city of Wuxi has grown quickly and it has become one of the top ten tourist destinations in China. This ancient port city, also known as “Little Shanghai,” is rich with history, beautiful natural landscapes, and many points of cultural interest. Wuxi is commonly referred to as “the Pearl of Tai Lake” because of its charming, natural beauty and its proximity to Lake Taihu.

The rent in Wuxi varies depending on the location of, the size of, and the appliances in the apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood with convenient access to shops, restaurants, and transportation would cost around 2,000 RMB (approximately 330 USD) a month. The friendly staff at the school will help you find a suitable apartment and deal with the housing contract and utilities.


There are over 6 million residents in Wuxi, hence there is a wide variety of food outlets to choose from. You can find flavors that agree with everyone’s tastes for a price affordable to all. Street vendors can grill any type of meat or vegetable for a few dollars. A large bowl of beef fried rice sells for 8 RMB (1.5 USD). Meat or vegetarian steamed buns sell for 1 RMB each. As the expat community expands, the choice of foreign and western restaurants also grows. All the large fast food and coffee house chains are present in Wuxi. A Big Mac combo (McDonald) can be purchased for 21 RMB (3.5 USD) while a venti cappuccino (Starbucks) can be bought for 36 RMB (6 USD). A nice meal for two people in a western-style restaurant would cost about 300 RMB or 60 USD.

For those looking to enjoy an evening at the pub can expect to pay 60 RMB (10 USD) or more for imported drinks, and much less for local brews. The choice is all yours because there is a wide variety of pubs and clubs spread out across the city.