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HESS International Kindergarten Tianjin, is conveniently located minutes away from the high speed rail, where you can travel to Beijing in under thirty minutes and downtown Tianjin in less than 20.

Our Hess International Tianjin Kindergarten, is located in Wuquing District. Wuquing district is home to two major Italian themed shopping malls, Florentia Village and, the newly opened, Vento. These malls have many major Western and Chinese shops and brands. If shopping is not your type of past time, you can also visit the Yellow Cliff Great Wall (The Great Wall of China) in Ji County, also known as the "Tianjin Wall", as well as numerous other sites around the greater Tianjin-Beijing area.  While living in China, you will be able to travel, and experience some of the world's most amazing wonders. China is a huge country, as big as the United States. You can live in China for your entire life, and never experience everything it has to offer.


Tianjin is the major port of northern China, and the economic center of the Bohai Sea rim. It is an old city, first settled in 340 B.C, but also ver modern with skyscrapers and efficient public transportation. Home to over fifteen million people. Tianjin is a special administrative district in northern China, and is the major seaport for Beijing. There are two major city-centers: the main urban area located on the Hai River, and the new urban area called Binhai. Tianjin hosts over three hundred fortune five hundred companies.

Tianjin has the fourth largest urban population in China, after Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Historically, Tianjin was the gateway to China, so countries like Russia, Britain, Japan, France, Italy, Belgium, and many others have left behind an enduring legacy. European architecture, can be seen in The Old Italian Town, and throughout the entire city.

Beijing is one of the biggest cities in the world. Very few cities can boast of as many cultural and social experiences as Beijing. It is the home of many amazing tourist attractions including: The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and the Summer Palace, and is also the birthplace of Peking Opera and Peking Duck. The cuisine and cultural experiences in Beijing are world class.